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Hummingbird Feeders – Sponsor of the Month

Hummingbirds are often welcome guest to a person’s garden, so naturally the tendency is to place a few hummingbird feeders in the garden to invite even more of the attractive fluttering birds to visit more often. In addition to seeing the colorful birds flit about from flower to flower gardeners enjoy feeding them with various types of hummingbird feeders. There are so many models to choose from that narrowing it down to a few select models can be difficult, but let’s see if I can help accomplish that goal.

Bird Feeders Brand


Type One: Dr. JB’s 16 oz Clean Hummingbird Feeder. This is one of the more popular models ever to hit the market and one of the easiest to clean as well. All of the parts are dishwasher safe, top rack only. You can also hand wash the parts with mild soap and warm water. This model requires you to rinse with a mild bleach and water solution before refilling with water and sugar. The unique design makes this model resistant to bees. The wide mouth jar is easy cleaned and makes it easier to add sugar and water to it. It’s no drip design means that the water won’t leak out even during high winds.

Type Two: If you are looking for an affordable and attractive Hummingbird feeder then you may like the Hummerfest Feeder by Backyard Nature Products. Easily hung or mounted on a post with the solid brass 8” included rod. It also comes with a convenient UV cover to protect the 6 nectar filled stations from the sunlight. The bright red top catches the eyes of any hummingbird flying by and draws them in for some tasty refreshment. The top cover opens for easy cleaning and refilling. This beautiful feeder is drip and bee proof. The feeder is made of unbreakable polycarbonate material. It also comes with a built in ant guard.

Type Three: Is a cherry red bottle style feeder with a beautiful hummingbird and flower attached to the top. This feeder is ideal for feeding one hummingbird at a time. Unique bottle design can be filled with sweet nectar. It’s made of metal and glass parts.

Type Four: If you enjoy watching a lot of hummingbirds at once you will really like this next design. It is a horizontal feeder that feeds up to 22 birds at once with its 2’ design. The ports are amply spaced to allow each bird its own feeding spot without crowding. The ports are perfectly angled to allow easy access to the juicy nectar. Super easy to fill and clean.

Type Five: If you want your garden to have that antique look then look no further than the antique style feeders made with colored and clear mason jars. These are hanging style feeders. These feeders come with different fill capacities such as 32 oz and 64 oz sizes. The glass jar is fixed to a sturdy metal base. The glass nectar jar feeders are often embossed with beautiful bird designs. Feeding ports surround the metal base. The wide-mouth mason jars are easy to clean and fill with nectar.

Type Six: Last but not least, we come to the decorative style bird feeders adorned with beautiful accents in many unique styles like a looking glass, fairy dust or the elegant copper hanging style feeders. Each model is made of colored decorative glass, so if you want to see the mesmerizing color of humming wings, and a delightful choreographed dance as the birds flit about pick yourself up one of these feeders and start enjoying the captivating show today.

No matter what style of hummingbird feeder you fancy you are sure to enjoy the company of your new found avian friends as you watch the colorful birds flit about your beautifully decorated garden with all of the newly added gorgeous glass humming bird feeders. You will be able to sit back and watch them feed and hum about in colorful style for hours on end. Your neighbors will want to come over often to partake in the wonderful view. I only have one suggestion for you. If you can decide on which style of feeder you like best. Try out a couple of different styles and see which one appeals to you and the birds the most.

Montgomery County TX real estate – Sponsor of the Month

Montgomery County TX real estate

The real estate business involves dealing with properties like land or building and buying and selling of those properties. It can either be for residential purposes, commercial purposes or industrial purposes. The need of buying more properties by the people has considerably developed the real estate market business. This article primarily focuses on the real estate business in Montgomery County of Texas.


With about half a million population, Montgomery County is turning out to be a wise option of investment by the people in and around the place. This has made the real estate business well-established in the Montgomery County TX. The rate of properties being sold has been increasing in the recent times. There are various pros of buying a property in the Montgomery County TX. These include convenient features like proximity to the office areas, transportation services, and other important places.

Many real estate agents are available in the Montgomery County for the people to approach them for buying a land or a home. They are entitled to provide all the necessary details about the properties they are owing to buy in that County. It is important to choose the right real estate agent before we make a decision. After all, buying properties involve a large-scale investment from our side and a lot of analyses should be done before opting for a real estate agent.

The real estate agents of the Montgomery County should be well aware of selling homes or lands in the respective area at the current market rate. They are required to have established relationship with the known realtor agency and should be able to succeed in the selling or buying of a property. They should also keep themselves updated about the current developments of the Montgomery County TX to know the exact values of the properties. It is also necessary for the real estate agents of the County to obtain license from the Texas Real Estate Commission. This is done for the sake of protecting the buyers from the false agents.

Investing in the land property of the Montgomery County RX will yield a long-term profit for the investors. The home properties of the County come in various prices and designs and also turns out to be a valuable source of investment. The key feature about the Montgomery County is that it consists of many communities and the buyer has plenty of options to choose among them. There are homes that are luxurious, or they do come as waterfront, or golf front, or homes of a smaller budget. The buildings of the Montgomery County are usually of high quality and comes with various comforts for the occupants. Comparing the other regions of Texas, the Montgomery County has been successful in attaining residents with more income. They are also exposed to more educational opportunities. The job opportunities are gradually increasing, turning it to be the best choice of investment. The rates of the properties are expected to go high in the coming years in this County, so people show more interest in investing in the Montgomery County TX real estate.

Other agents in the area: